Cross-media marketing refers to the use of two or more media types – print, email, mobile and/or social in an orchestrated campaign targeting demographic and/or psychgraphic segment. These campaigns can be retention programs targeted at existing customers or acquisition programs targeted at prospective customers.

A cross media campaign delivers relevant content and a call to action through multiple media simultaneously as an integrated campaign and you can track campaign results in real time.


Over the past 20+ years, as the internet has grown, people have repeatedly declared the death of print media. And while it’s true that most major media companies have shifted their business model to reflect consumer demand for online access to news and events, and yes, the majority of marketers have focused their ad spend on social media and search engine marketing, print marketing offers as much, if not more benefits than ever before.


Variable data print can include a direct mail piece with a printed PURL on paper which then directs the reader back to electronic communication – the internet via a QR code which can be scanned with a smartphone. Vuuduu is in collaboration with printers and creative agencies. You don’t have to communicate with any of them for creating a truly effective Cross Media campaign, leave everything to Vuuduu and we will take care of it


Please let us know if need help with starting with your first Cross Media campaign or you are interested joining Vuuduu as a partner. We would love to work with you!